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Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions in Dartmouth

Located in Dartmouth, Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions is a leading provider of individualized therapy and psychiatric services for adolescents/children and adults, with expertise in anxiety, mood disorders, addiction, trauma and family problems. Spectrum’s new website features an intuitive and easy-to-navigate layout with services, FAQs, and appointment scheduling easily accessible. Its client-centred approach to mental health support is reflected in the new design and commitment to excellence.

Digital health combines the entire ecosystem of software tools and applications that connect people, devices, information, data and clinical processes in order to improve medical outcomes and quality of life. This includes remote patient monitoring and data collection, diagnostic tools, point of care and clinical workflow enhancements and digital therapeutics (the development of clinical interventions that are delivered to patients through software). DIADH serves innovators within the Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Health community who aspire to bring their digital health novel solutions and virtual tools to market. With guidance from alumni and industry leaders and philanthropic gifts from visionary donors, DIADH provides a range of resources to support this mission.

Hosted by Lisa Blanchard and Jesse Chaison, this popular podcast explores the issues surrounding addiction and recovery, with personal stories, special guests and professional opinion. It’s a place to share your story, learn more about the issues and help others who are struggling.

Founded by Felicia Burchell, an Occupational Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions in Dartmouth and EMDR trained therapist with 34 years of experience, this company is committed to advancing mental health support through collaboration and innovation. Its skilled team of therapists includes a diverse range of professionals, all dedicated to helping you be your best self.

Spectrum’s Daily Enrichment program offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of leisure-time activities while working on developmental goals set by their Interdisciplinary Team. The program is designed to provide individuals with a level of independence that will allow them to pursue meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Clinical observations and literature review suggest that a broad-spectrum approach can be useful in cancer treatment. In the book Life Over Cancer, Block describes a clinical model of integrative medicine in which natural products target multiple pathways of cancer progression: proliferation, apoptosis, tumor growth, treatment resistance, angiogenesis and cell-to-cell communication.

This is a unique and potentially effective cancer treatment, particularly for cases of advanced or rare diseases for which no conventional therapies are available. However, a broad-spectrum approach to cancer must be carefully and selectively designed and used in the context of a genuinely integrated clinical system. This is the only way to maximize its potential for improving patient outcomes. In such cases, it is not a substitute for targeted therapy or other standard treatments, but may be used as a follow-up or maintenance therapy to reduce recurrence and extend survival. [2] It is also a viable strategy in palliative and hospice settings where low- or no-invasive strategies are appropriate and desired.

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