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Occupational Health Providers

Occupational health providers offer comprehensive medical services to employees in the workplace. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating work-related diseases and injuries. They also have a broad understanding of government laws and regulations concerning the workplace.

Besides promoting employee wellness, they provide support for workers with work-related health problems. Having knowledge of the potential hazards in the job environment, this occupational health professionals are able to identify and treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, from simple hepatitis B checks to traumatic brain injury cases.

A great occupational health provider will provide preventive healthcare, which is critical for a healthy workforce. They will provide educational materials to help workers understand the risks associated with their jobs and how they can reduce those risks.

They may also help employers develop and implement safety policies to protect their employees’ well-being. For example, they can provide a variety of vaccinations, including the flu vaccine. They can also perform bloodwork and other medical tests to identify a wide range of health issues and disorders.

If a worker is injured at work, their employer will likely use an onsite occupational medicine clinic to diagnose the problem and offer treatment. These facilities typically have doctors and doctor’s assistants as well as nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and other health care professionals on staff. They can provide various medical tests and screenings, as well as assist with return-to-work programs and other worker’s compensation services.

These facilities will be used by both private and public employers. Depending on the type of business and the policies of that company, there are often different rules for who pays for the services. Some companies require their employees to be referred by the workplace to use these services, and in those cases, the cost of the treatments is usually covered by the employer.

Ultimately, the best Occupational Health Providers are those who are dedicated to providing high-quality care and service to their patients. They will be up to date on the latest laws and regulations regarding the workplace, including workers’ compensation. They will have an excellent working knowledge of the medical industry and be able to recognize signs of illness or injury quickly. They should also be able to communicate with other medical professionals and understand the limitations of their own skills and knowledge.

Bringing occupational health services to the workplace is a great way for businesses to ensure their employees are always getting quality and timely healthcare. Medcor’s medical professionals can make referrals to the proper specialists, ensuring injured employees get unbiased and quality care. Our onsite workers’ comp case management services are designed to help injured employees through the entire recovery process, enabling them to return to their jobs safely. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive onsite occupational health services.

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